The National Health Service is undergoing radical ‘reform’. I commend this impressive book-cum-manual because it not only underlines basic and vital nursing skills, but also offers students and practitioners the tools to ask of themselves just what it is that they are doing for those they serve and how it might be done better. Nurses should and must comprise an active citizenry; they are no longer passive purveyors of semi-specialized skill-sets.

Prof. Graham Scambler. UCL.

Goodman engages and encourages participation in the readers own learning through the exploration of a variety of topics, which include: the relevance of sociology and psychology for nursing, professional values, communication, social determinants of heath and inequalities as well as decision making and leadership.

From developing a sociological imagination through to introducing communication as well as discussing professionalism and decision making: Goodman possesses the ability to make the reader think and reflect about macro and micro issues that can influence nursing practice.


“Highly motivational supportive, lively and all inclusive”

It has been a real pleasure to have been part of Benny’s teaching groups for the whole of my Adult Nursing Diploma course, and even now, as I ‘top up’ to a Nursing Degree. In addition to teaching Benny has also been my personal tutor throughout my studies and has been a great support personally, as well as a total inspiration.

As a mature student I had (and still have) an abundance of enthusiasm for learning and overall my experience of studying with the tutors at Truro Knowledge Spa has been very fulfilling. However I must single Benny out for his commitment and drive to equip his students with copious amounts of information, background reading, discussion topics and the confidence to participate in his tutorials. I am a particularly keen class participator but Benny also manages to coax the most reticent of students to join in, and this helps to unify a tutorial group.

In tutorials the subjects were always taught in a relaxed manner, presentations were discussed, not just delivered. Obviously well practised in his subject matter there were no ceremonious ‘lectures’, just interactive and often lively debates about the subject being taught. Benny seems to revel in getting his students to challenge him, something I try to do on a regular basis! The end result is that most of his students are actively involved in his teaching sessions, I find this very refreshing.

I am in awe of Benny’s achievements; in addition to his teaching he is also an author and co-author of several books and a regular contributor to professional journals. This has inspired myself and others to contribute ourselves and we also have had articles published. Benny is down to earth about his work but we revel in our minor successes in print and we have him to thank as a true inspiration.

I hold Benny in extremely high regard, as a role model I can think of no-one who has motivated me more to excel.

Janet Peacock


“Passionate, empathic and exttremely inspirational”

 I have been a student of University of Plymouth since the commencement of my nursing course in Sept 2009. During this time I have had the pleasure of attending many lectures delivered by Benny across a variety of modules. In addition, Benny was my personal tutor for 3 years. I graduated in 2012 and thank Benny for his positive input over this journey. I enjoyed the course so much that I am now once again a student of Benny’s as I have embarked upon the Professional Development Nursing Degree top up.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Benny’s lectures over the years as he is so passionate about his subject that it is infectious. This has certainly motivated me to develop my own knowledge. Benny has the ability to explain things in an understandable way, I can still recall in our module on Adult Nursing Benny’s use of a central heating system to explain Hypovolemic shock! I have never forgotten it and used the analogy many times now in practice with students. Without fail everybody understands it!

Benny’s lectures regarding sociology and psychology have definitely had a profound effect on the way in which I conducted myself as a student and now as a registered nurse. I really enjoyed learning about these concepts and I felt empowered to advocate for patients during my placements and became aware of the effect of our behaviour on others. Benny’s lectures provoked my thoughts and I began to understand the social issues that surrounded the patient’s I cared for. In practice this has allowed me to empathise with patients and build a good level of communication. I feel that this background gained from the lectures has certainly set my foundations firmly, and I am acutely aware of the contemporary issues that affect my patients

As a personal tutor Benny was amazingly supportive as during my journey I encountered a variety of personal issues. Benny was able to add an objective view to my concerns and provided empathy and compassion that allowed me to believe that I could successfully complete my nursing course. In addition, Benny was very supportive and encouraging in enabling me to gain success in having an article which I had written published in the Nursing Standard.

Recently a number of colleagues have expressed interest in undertaking the Professional Development Nursing Degree, and have asked about the core module – Clinical Decision Making. I have been able to talk to them about it, and they comment on how animated I am. This has been a fantastic module and once again Benny has been very motivating in his delivery of the subject and very supportive in assisting me to understand the concepts.

Beverly Maund