As well as writing entire publications, I have also been commissioned to write specific chapters relating to sociology, sustainability and health. You can find details on the publications below with links to take you to the books in which these chapters appear.

Commission 1     Written in 1997

Chapter title:      Ethnomethodology

Publication:         Research Mindedness for Practice

Author:                 Pam Smith (Ed) / Frank Strange

All nurses, including students and practitioners, must ensure that their practice is research-based that is, that activities are grounded in and responsive to research findings. To do this nurses must become aware able to read and interpret research findings and apply them to practice. Nurses need to be confident with research and its terminology, and to become research-minded. This title will help nurses understand what research is, the methods, and how to apply it in practice. Its function is not to explain how to undertake research, but to demystify research and help nurses to become research-minded and appreciate their skills in this area.

Chapter title: Climate Change, Sustainability and Health in United Kingdom Higher Education: The Challenges for Nursing

Publication:    Sustainability Education: Perspectives and Practice Across Higher Education

Author:             Jones P., Selby D., Sterling S

How do we equip learners with the values, knowledge, skills, and motivation to help achieve economic, social and ecological well-being? How can universities make a major contribution towards a more sustainable future? Amid rising expectations on HE from professional associations, funders, policy makers, and undergraduates, and increasing interest amongst academics and senior management, a growing number of higher education institutions are taking the lead in embracing sustainability. This response does not only include greening the campus but also transforming curricula and teaching and learning.