Its 2007. After a decade of partying, music and watching Ibizan sunsets over a shimmering sea, I found myself in a drab conference room under an overcast sky in Plymouth. The University’s Centre for Sustainable Futures had just held a meeting to discuss how all of the various Faculties could think about climate change and sustainability in their degree programmes. At the time, I worked for the Nursing Faculty and was at first scratching my head as to what, if anything, any of it meant.

Suddenly, it dawned on me. This was not just about environmentalism or developing green technology such as solar panels. The issues that we all face are about how politics, society and the environment all interact to enhance or degrade human health and well being.

The scale of the problems we face mean we have to face the reality of the new dawn. The lifestyles we have enjoyed for 200 years have to change. The alarm has sounded. It is time to wake up. The challenge now is to enjoy life and innovate, but without trashing our home.

Benny Goodman Msc Bsc (Hons) PGDE Cert.Ed RN RNT