For the sake of understanding and unity, we need to focus on who the real #greedybastards are. The core of the 0.01% who are interested only in capital accumulation at any social, political and environmental cost.

Tory voters:

1. Some Conservatives are ‘conservative’ interested in the environment and thus could be ‘co-opted’ greens, they are pragmatic interested only in ‘what works’, they are wary of rapid changes, they are wary of ideology, and they worry about ripping up traditions and the social fabric. I’ve also heard them talking about fairness at work and not being put upon by dangerous working practices. They like the Queen but do so in the way one loves one’s dog.

2. Then there are the ‘Colonel Blimps’ and their wives, who to the above add a ‘bit’ of racism, imperialism and nostalgia for the colonies, fearful of pooftahs and have overblown fears of political correctness fearing Muslims will not allow them to celebrate Christmas. They like a bit of pomp and circumstance and conflate patriotism with nationalism. They also yearn for a bit of hanging and flogging to sort out social problems.

3. Then there are much smaller number of the neoliberal ideologues who believe in the theory of free market fundamentalism: they abhor state intervention; they hate the stalinist inspired state monopoly of the NHS, state education and council houses, the latter because they create ‘labour voters’. Some are in thrall to their counterparts in the United States and wish for very low corporation tax, deregulation – thats cutting out standards that protect health, food and workers’ right – privatisation of everything if possible and crushing worker’s organisations because the demands of labour get in the way of capital accumulation. They actively engage in ‘opportunity hoarding’ by making the ladders of social mobility very expensive, while believing ‘top cornflakes’ will rise to the top. They also conflate corporate interest with the social interest. Some of them are what Graham Scambler refers to as ‘Focused Autonomous Reflexives‘ (the #greedybastards)

4. Finally, Labour voters who have accepted the anti-semitism, anti patriotism and crude ‘marxism/extremism’ narratives. They are also victims of globalised neoliberalism and the London centric polices of successive governments and have accepted the story that EU immigrants are to blame. They also bought the Osborne story that it was not the banks but Labour that crashed the economy in 2008.

5. All groups have been subjected to what Jurgen Habermas called ‘systemic distorted communication’ and ‘colonisation of the lifeworld’; what Noam Chomsky called ‘manufacture of consent’; what C Wright Mills referred to as the Power Elite while then failing to connect their personal troubles as public issues; what Antonio Gramsci called hegemony; what Louis Althusser referred to as the Ideological State Apparatus; what Herbert Marcuse called ‘One Dimensionality’, what Elisabeth Minnich called the ‘Evil of Banality’ (you get the picture).

Anyway, not all Conservative voters are same. a few, very few are strategic in their thinking and action. Most ordinary folk just want to work, pay their bills, walk their dogs and drink beer/sherry in peace.