“Hitherto, philosophers have sought to understand the world. The point however, is to change it.”


Its 2007. After a decade of partying, music and watching Ibizan sunsets over a shimmering sea, I found myself in a drab conference room under an overcast sky in Plymouth. The University’s Centre for Sustainable Futures had just held a meeting to discuss how all of the various Faculties could think about climate change and sustainability in their degree programmes. At the time, I worked for the Nursing Faculty and was at first scratching my head as to what, if anything, any of it meant. Read more…



As an author, I have been in the privileged position of being able to write or co-write a number of books dealing with nursing practice and its sociological aspects. To keep up to date with new publications, projects and articles, please follow me on @SustainableEra on twitter or subscribe to my newsletter here.


As part of my role within the Plymouth University and as a Registered Nurse I have published many articles in peer reviewed journals.  Below is an exhaustive list of all of these articles with links to the relevant on line resource in which they appear. The subject matters are varied but centred around the key themes of sociology, sustainability and health.


As well as writing entire publications, I have also been commissioned to write specific chapters relating to sociology, sustainability and health. You can find details on the publications below with links to take you to the books in which these chapters appear.


Effective Writing for academia and for publication

I am able to facilitate group or individual mentoring sessions on this subject. Please see here for more details

Talks and Presentations

I am able to deliver engaging and informative presentations in either the educational or commercial sectors. These presentations are delivered with a unique and provocative approach to teaching and learning. 

Written Commissions

Writing is one of my passions in life. I am available to consult on your own bodies of work or to be commissioned to write content for you.